Welcome to Reditus Marketing!

"What is Reditus Marketing?" (Red-e-tuus: Latin for "return", "give back", and "respond")

What is Reditus Marketing?

Reditus Marketing helps raise funds for the Lighthouse Catholic Media parish ministry to help maximize their potential to educate and inspire individuals at the parish. Pope John Paul II said that there is a "springtime" in the Church and called for a "New Evangelization." Pope Benedict XVI renewed this calling. Reditus Marketing strives to create a culture that helps Catholics participate in this mission.

BALANCE: Faith, Family, Finances, Health, Charity & Vocation

Our goal at Reditus Marketing is to provide individuals, or couples working as a team, with balance in their life. Our advisor and development coach, Dave Durand, is a best-selling author, monthly contributor to numerous national magazines and newspapers, radio personality, and trainer of over 100,000 individuals. Dave was named Top 100 Minds in Leadership Magazine. His principles for personal and professional development helps our team achieve success while growing in virtue and holiness. 

Many Catholics are looking for an opportunity that combines their career with their faith. Some Catholics are looking to begin a new full-time career in a meaningful and financially rewarding Catholic-environment. Other Catholics want to earn extra income on-the-side that can help pay down debt or save for retirement, a family vacation or other financial goals.

Reditus Marketing offers rewarding full-time and part-time positions. So whether you're a seasoned professional, stay-home-mom, recently graduated from college, or retired, Reditus Marketing can fit your lifestyle requirements.  APPLY HERE!

What do we do?

We raise funds through selling advertising sponsorships to local businesses who want to market their services to local parishes while also providing a good service to the Church.

Our Core Values:

+ Working hard to do our part to further Pope John Paul II's call to a New Evangelization
+ Growing in virtue through personal development programs
+ Bringing honor and glory to God through all of our failures and successes, frustrations and joys